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Established in 2015, part of DAO FAMILY group, Dehidra is the biggest freeze-dried food business in the Baltic States and one of the biggest in Northern Europe. Dehidra is running and developing a 60 hectares state-of-the-art growing and processing facility with annual processing capacity of more than 400 tons per year and owns a separate 1-hectare R&D site.

Vertical integration of growing and processing enables Dehidra to ensure complete traceability of its products. Dehidra strictly follows the Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GLOBAL G.A.P.) and Global Standards for Food Safety (BRC and HACCP). Dehidra is licensed to manage food products and is audited by the European Food Safety Authority.

Dehidra focuses on fruit – strawberries, raspberries, apples and other – freeze drying and delivers the product in different forms required by retail and business customers – whole, slices, dices, pieces and powder. Top quality products of Dehidra are highly valued by the largest players in this food segment in the world.

We are a proud member of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Vilnius CCIC)