Why Dehidra?

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Vertically integrated business

We control every stage of our business, from growing the strawberries to the final stage of the processing and preparation for consumption. The entire process of cultivation and processing is 100% traceable. In this way, we are in a position to guarantee maximum safety and top quality of our products.


Safest technologies, R&D

„Dehidra” uses the safest and most advanced technology in growing strawberries. Our agricultural R&D department incessantly develops and offers an array of increasingly advanced solutions to make our products even safer and more appealing to the end-user. That is why our strawberries stand out in their exceptional and natural taste and are free from added sugars, or preservatives.


International standards

„Dehidra” strictly follows international standards:

• The Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practices – GLOBAL G.A.P.

• Global Standards for Food Safety – BRC and HACCP.



To preserve all the high-value properties of our strawberries, we offer the freeze-drying service.
Freeze-dried products preserve their flavour, fragrance, and nutritional value for an extended period of time. Such products keep their vitamins and other elements that are valuable to the human health. With a usual conventional preservation, fruits lose a massive 40–70% of their nutritional value. This makes freeze-drying the most effective method of preserving the value of fruits and berries for a long period of time.

„Dehidra” uses the most advanced and productive freeze-drying facilities from leading global manufacturers of freeze-drying equipment.


Our promise

We provide more value to the end-user and guarantee an impeccable reputation to our business partners and their brands.