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We grow wonderfully tasting strawberries and raspberries — the most popular berries in the world. Most of our harvest is freeze-dried and sold as light, crispy and tasty snack.

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Our story

Dehidra is a vertically integrated healthy snack business owned by several European families. Since 2015, we are running and developing a 60 hectares state-of-the-art growing and processing facility, the biggest of the kind in the Baltic States and one of the biggest in Northern Europe.

Our mission

Our mission – to deliver healthy, tasty, transportable and long-lasting food for the people at affordable price. It is not easy to match these five criteria at the same time, however, we feel that it is intrinsically needed by the majority of people.

Dehidra people

Our team

Our team is young and energetic. We became one of the best growers and freeze-dryers in the world due to full dedication, countless hours of extra work in the evenings and weekends, and ever-burning enthusiasm.



Freeze-dried products

Try our freeze dried fruits with top quality and freshness. Our freeze dried fruits are sold in many major retail chains with their own private labels.

Freeze-dried products for business

Our top-quality freeze dried fruits in bulk will be perfect for your business if your products are visible to your end customers.

Fresh staweberries

Fresh strawberries

Biggest fresh strawberry supplier in the Baltics. We are able to deliver large quantities, and ensure high quality and stable pricing.


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